The effect of the weather on adolescents' physical activity.

Hi all! While I’m a writing this blog, I’m sitting in the train. Soaked… again. It has been raining for quite some weeks now and the weather report doesn’t give me much hope for the next weeks. I certainly don’t want to go outside to train for the half-marathon. To make myself a little less depressed, I think it is time for a new blog. In this blog, I wanted to see whether I am the only one, or whether the kids in the MyMovez project sample also are less physically active on rainy days.

Testing a Social Network Intervention Using Vlogs to Promote Physical Activity Among Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial

There is a need to stimulate physical activity among adolescents, but unfortunately, they are hard to reach with traditional mass media interventions. A promising alternative is to carry out social network interventions. In social network …